HNP provides a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

Corporate and Commercial

We provide legal services to domestic and multinational corporations in all Indonesian industry sectors, covering all aspects required for the establishment and operation of a business in compliance with Indonesian company law and industry specific laws.

Our services include preparing legal due diligence, structuring investments, drafting applications for investment approvals and business permits, as well as drafting Articles of Association, joint venture and shareholders’ agreements, and other corporate documents.

Foreign Investment & Joint Ventures​

We provide legal services to foreign corporations in establishing joint ventures and investment structures across industrial and service sectors.

Our approach is to ensure that prospective foreign investors obtain maximum benefit provided by the law. Our services include obtaining the necessary government approvals and licenses, structuring investments, drafting applications for investment approvals and business permits, as well as drafting articles of association, joint venture and shareholders’ agreements, and other corporate documents.

Merger & acquisition

We provide legal services to multinationals and domestic corporations on all types of M&A transactions which include asset and business transfers and share acquisition.

Our service includes advice on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, structuring, legal due diligence, document preparation and negotiation and related implementation activities (including liaising with government agencies, public notaries, as well as tax and financial advisors). We can also provide commercial, pragmatic and appropriately tailored advise to guide our clients and their business through M&A process.

Capital Market​

We provide legal services to issuers, arrangers/underwriters and investors in a full range of capital market transactions, among others, IPO and re-IPOs, secondary offering, bond offerings, sukuk offerings and MTN programs.

In addition, we regularly advise on a wide variety of legal issues arising under Indonesian capital market law and regulations such as IPOs, pre-IPO restructuring, go-private, de-listing, tender offers, stock split, ESOPs/MSOPs, material transactions, mandatory and voluntary tender offer transactions and M&A of public listed companies.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution​

We provide corporate and individual clients with a full range of litigation in commercial, civil and criminal matters.

Our service includes dispute settlement negotiations before the relevant administrative and arbitration tribunals; commercial disputes from lower level courts up to the Supreme Court, as well as in multi-jurisdictional litigation; bankruptcy and suspension of payments, antitrust & unfair competition, product liability, manpower and industrial relation disputes. We also have experiences in representing clients in Indonesian National Board of Arbitration.


We provide legal services to international and domestic commercial and industrial enterprises in various types of legal work in real property matters, starting from securing title to real property for plants, shopping mall, offices, and residences; advising real property development and construction related matters; conducting legal due diligence; negotiating with land owner; preparing and advising on sale and purchase transactions on land, mortgages, leasing, and strata titles; structuring investment, cooperation scheme, consortium and joint venture arrangement; applying license and permit required for the real property development including in daily operational aspects


We have expertise and in-depth knowledge in plantation matters and have assisted major clients in projects in this field. We can say that we are the only law firm whose most of the lawyers have extensive experience of working as upper management in plantation business sector and this valuable combination will enable us to sense and understand the client’s business needs and to provide the best innovative, strategic and practical solution of our client’s issues.

Our service include asset and share acquisition and disposal, legal due diligence, structuring the investment, debt & corporate restructuring, license and permit issuance, and general advisory on legal and regulatory framework impacting plantation business. Our extensive experience in plantation sector has also brought us to have a strong and good relationship with officials in the relevant multiplicity of central and provincial government institutions.

Banking & Finance​

We provide legal services to international and domestic commercial banks and financial institutions as well as commercial borrowers in a full range and complex legal and regulatory compliance on their banking and finance transactions.

Our service includes advise on commercial loans, syndicated loans, security rights arrangement, convertible and exchangeable bonds issuance, project finance, letter of credit and asset-based instruments.